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Bluetooth beacons are a new way to send alerts and personalized messages to consumers and visitors to specific places. These are being widely used in theme parks, restaurants, hotels, IT agencies and various other places for easier transmission and receiving of data. These make use of low power Bluetooth technology which allows seamless communication with multiple Bluetooth-supported and compatible devices at the same time. If you are considering using BT beacons for your business, these are some smart ways to go about the process.

Choose beacon systems as per your location size

There are smaller Bluetooth beacons which are useful for stores, restaurants and IT companies. But if you have a bigger organization or facility, such as an airport, shopping mall, university, manufacturing plant or conference hall, it is better to choose larger beacons which come with Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi radios, that allow easier transmission of status and data and receiving of updates to and from a central management database or console just like large data systems. Some of these also consist of dedicated power connections which take out the requirement for lithium batteries. However, this involves installing electrical wiring in numerous spots – which is a slightly laborious and expensive affair.

Replace when needed

Bluetooth beacons can last for a long time of around 2 years, and need only a change of battery or server. Generally, batteries within beacons can be replaced easily. In some cases, however, it is more affordable to swap out a sealed beacon instead of disassembling it for replacing the battery. Batteries having removable covers are also more tamper-prone, which is exactly why sealed units are preferred more. Opt for replacement when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, a change of battery can be enough to ensure continued operations.

Go for affordable beacons

The prices for BT beacons tend to vary across the spectrum. Usually, you can get these devices in the range of $5 – 30. The costs tend to vary on the basis of the kind of batteries that are used, the signal range of the beacon, the general lifespan or longevity of the battery and a number of other factors. Although there are costly beacons to be found, you need to look for affordable varieties which offer no compromise in terms of functionality. A wide variety of manufacturers are bringing out BT beacons, and some simple online research can help you to know which ones are the most affordable for your pocket.

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