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I was browsing around, looking at environmentally-responsible products, I found one scooter that really caught my attention. This scooter is developed and manufactured on an individual basis by a company out of Berlin. I’m going to send you to their site, because I think that it is worth checking these guys out with, especially if you plan on moving or just traveling to Berlin in the meantime. You know, go to their page now: Browse around for a second, and let me know what you think. I mean, am I overestimating how awesome this is? Because I really don’t think that I am. I think that this is as awesome as I think it is switch, spoiler alert, is very very awesome. It is like a completely different vehicle than anything I’ve ever imagined. It’s completely electric. Completely. With all of the efficiencies of electric vehicles being removed from the process. For example, one complaint about a lot of electric cars is that you have to park them in certain spots to charge them. That’s not the case with these scooters. The battery is so portable that you can just bring it inside and plug it into any outlet, and any wall. This also allows you to control what the electricity is powered by. The reason why I think this is important, is that it allows you to choose how you are providing the electricity for your vehicle, even. So if you really care about carbon neutrality, you can use renewable energy, because it only takes 5 hours to charge your battery, and that brings you 50 kilometers. For most people in the city, 50 kilometers is more than half of their weeks work. So if they’re going to travel, they only have to charge their battery, on average, about an hour every day, if my calculations are correct. So this is very very efficient in all sorts of ways. The efficiency goes a lot deeper. As I was looking at the braking system, I noticed that they use this type of writing system, this response that is often used in professional racing circuits used in public Vehicles. Basically, every bit of energy that would be certain to go back into the engine so that there is less waste and way more efficiency. I don’t know what else to say, except for that if I was living in Berlin, I would be riding one of these things everywhere. This is it my new dream car. I hope, eventually, but they learn to ship overseas. That would be a dream come true. Kudos, to this company, was taking environmental responsibility seriously.




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