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Marketing is not easy for real estate agents as much it used to be at one time. With more and more competition, the rules and mediums of marketing have also changed. Many realtors are finding it impossible to stay on top of the game and closing down shop almost every day. In order to survive in the real estate market today, you need to use innovative strategies and trust in yourself as well as your abilities. Although many strategies are becoming redundant fast, following are some that work still for advertising campaigns. Here are some suggestions a local Vancouver SEO company suggests:

Gather email ids

Keep a contact or feedback form where users have to send their name and email address apart from the feedbacks that they send. Also use special software apps in your website to note down email ids of each visitor who comes in. This will help you to send them email updates of the kind of work that you do and how you can help them in buying or selling real estate properties. This is an easier and affordable way to market information to prospective consumers.

Promote your business through self-made videos

Self-created videos can help you to market your properties and yourself in an effective manner. While sales aids made by professional companies can be useful, they can be quite costly depending on which agencies you are going for. With self-made videos, you can use your innovation and creativity as an entrepreneur and make an impression with prospective customers.

Give away freebies

Few things can attract potential customers as much as freebies. You can hand over a coupon, let them subscribe to your video channel or send a PDF via mail. These things never lose their charm and make clients interested to find out what you have on offer.

Make instructional videos

You can create instructional videos to make prospective customers know how to buy the best properties for themselves. Once you are able to promote yourself as a type of authority in your domain, you can have clients sit up and take note of what you have on offer.

Write descriptive blog posts or articles

You can also try writing blog posts or articles describing each of the properties that you stand to represent. But you have to be unique and write informative posts, so that clients can get the information that they need before sale or purchase.

These strategies still work great and can put you over other real estate agents striving in the competition.

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