• Step 1: Booking Details

    Please prepare these booking information:
    1. Type of Rental (creative, commercial, video, event)
    2. Date, Time and Duration of Rental
    3. Equipment needed for the Rental
    4. Staffing needed for the Rental

  • Step 2: Contact Whitebox

    Contact the manager here, and let her know the information. Check for availability, and ask for a quote or pricing for your rental.
  • Step 3: Date Confirmed

    Once the manager has confirmed the availability of the studio, you will receive a booking agreement, which you have to sign, and an invoice for a 25% non-refundable deposit. You must complete these requirements to book the studio.
  • Step 4: You’re booked!

    Finally, you’re booked for that date and time. Prepare for your rental ahead of time and be at the studio 10 minutes before the time indicated to have your briefing.
  • Still have questions?

    Contact us – we’ll have answers.