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How to Achieve More Reviews on an App


Reviews play a vital role in the success and failure of apps and their effectiveness is also a key concern in app store rankings. Through these reviews, a person or developer becomes able to maintain his app and make changes in it according to users’ demands to maximize number of downloads. If there are no reviews about an app from the user, it means he is not satisfied with it and will surely remove its download. Here, it is Important to increase the reviews through different methods to get the app better. Following are some of the methods to get more reviews:

  1. Use of Plug ins

The very first method to increase the reviews of an app is to use the plug INS and invite the user to surely give a review of the app. These plug INS appear as prompts again and again and the user is inclined to rate the app. There many plug INS available with a lot of turn keys. Here, the only thing to be kept in mind is that this pop up should not appear right after the download or use. Instead, it should appear after a considerable time period to avoid the annoyance of user.

  1. Review Rewards

The very next trick to increase the number of reviews is to reward the users giving the reviews about your app. This is because, by nature, we attracted towards something free and these rewards should be totally free. This does not mean the financial rewards but also the rewards related with the usage of the app. For example, in many gaming apps the reward of lives or coins is given to users reviewing it. This tempts the user to go for writing a review.

  1. Use Help shifts

Another very good method to increase the reviews is to arrange for two way help shifts. In almost all the apps there is a pop up appearing about feedback but it is very slow process. Instead, a window should pop up for one to one dialogues between the user and the developers. The users are encouraged with this process and give instant reviews to get the product changed according to their needs.

  1. Timely Response To Prompts

The last thing is to give timely response to the user reviews. This also encourages the user to use your app by keeping it in mind that he can get it changed at any time for his ease.

In the end, it can be concluded that users’ reviews have a lot of importance in app store rankings because these are a constant source of improvement.

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